Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friendship: Annulled

Last night, after 8 years of blissful friendship, my best friend dumped me for another woman. I guess you could say things like this happen to friends, they just drift apart. And I would have gladly accepted if it was Mother Nature’s act, but it wasn’t. My best friend dumped me for his girlfriend.


I know, right? That was just like 96 months or 2,920 significant days of my life gone down the drain – and I had no choice but to take it. You see, in situations like these, life gives you two choices: (a) see it as eye for an eye and don’t get mad – get even. TP his house, spread rumours about the skank like wildfire, implant old prawn shells in their bags and cupboards, and/or kidnap and kill their favourite pet. OR (b) bawl your eyes out but act graciously and say thank you after the dreaded conversation even though they’re being cocky about the whole situation, which they were.

Since I am a mature adult (and couldn’t let them think it was affecting me too much), I chose option (b) and bawled my eyes out mercilessly. I know, right? Pathetic. But don’t forget gracious. I take pride in that one.

So now, I am basically out of one best friend (position is available, if anyone is interested) and I have to accept it like it’s no biggy. Which I hate to admit kinda is. But I’m a big girl, I need big diamonds and I need to be a grown up.

I know sometime next month or the month after that, I’ll probably be over this sh*t. It’s just gonna be another one of those things in my life I experienced and posted on my blog. Eight long years is hard to forget, heck, that’s a third of my life! That turd threw out a third of my life and he didn’t break it to me gently either!

The guy to whom I used to breathe out my heartbreaks to and thought to be the person who would never break my heart just did. Talk about irony.