Monday, September 14, 2009

The Slacker in Me

So... I know I made a blog account thru my real name before but for some wierd reason, I can't find it. So here I am creating another one but I thought it be best if I make this named under my nom de plume, Autumn Riley :)

Not that it's gonna be any different, I guess I just was inspired to be anonymous when I read, a hilarious, educational book for the jobless shopaholics by Karyn Bosnak. Really, that's a find!

Anyhow, from what I have decided in the last hour I've been trying to come up with a blog title - which was not much of a success, this is a temporary blog name, by the way - I would like to use this blog as my space for breathing. An answer for my search for "Something to do when I've got nothing to do" emergencies. I've always had nasty opinions about some stuff and sometimes smart anecdotes that I guess will be more or less worthy of a few reads from the general public.

Of course, I do apologize for straining your eyes from my future posts of nonsensical experiences --> i.e. my childhood (trust me, funnnyyy), my past relationships (I might border somewhere near here as much as I'd like to forget them), my recent purchases (oooohhh shopping!) and my past jobs and bosses (yes, definitely not to be missed - the bosses!). This is how every post will basically be tagged (or labelled).

With that said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed in high hopes of generating hits for my blog and well, at the least be able to entertain a few jobless shopaholic with a smart-alecky personality such as mine :) Cheers, people!

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