Thursday, March 3, 2011

A cage I wouldn't mind me locked up in

I think the craze for cage sandals came about when one of my favourites, Yves Saint Laurent, came up with this creation:

The YSL Cage Boots first graced the Spring 2009 catwalk and immediately mesmerised celebrities like Beyonce, Ciara, Leighton Meester, Kim Kardashian and Tilda Swinton.

I, personally, am not too big a fan of this particular model but as other designers and brands explored the idea of this metallic-heeled wonder, it started to evolve to something so decadent, you rich kids would want to eat it with the golden spoon you came out of your mother’s womb with.

There’s the suede, silver-heeled version from Giuseppe Zanotti; the buttery leather lace-up variety from Manolo Blahnik; the shorter, more wearable bootie adaptation from Michael Kors; the subtle mesh rendition from Rock and Republic; and a whole lot other choices! But I would have to say that my personal favourite would be the Jimmy Choo Glenys Cage Platform Sandals that you see below.

And at USD 995.00 a pop from Neiman Marcus, you can imagine I bought a pair of each colour… not!

Paupers like me need to succumb to sample sales and outlet malls. But seeing as the top fashion designers in the world took inspiration from one shoe and gave birth to creations beloved even more by others, I figured sooner or later, someone affordable will come along. And so cue Charles and Keith!

This Singaporean shoe generators gave birth to a pair of cage shoes that looks so much like that of Jimmy Choo’s but with a little more edge chipped-in by its silver-coloured platforms and heels. And to top it all off, they are as comfortable as running around in sneakers, except you’d run in this one with more poise and fashion sense, of course!

Naturally, a girl can’t stare, drool and walk away. Nah –uh! That’s reserved for bratty little kids outside the Willy Wonka factory. So I zoomed in on my prey like the leather (or faux leather) predator that I am, asked for my size and swiped my card to 5% of what Jimmy Choo was charging for these beauties. I always believe it is nice to share, hence, see below my little caged toes :)