Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Love-Affair With Handbags: The Origins

Before I could even afford to purchase branded handbags, there was only one brand of luxurious ridiculosity that I coveted, wished and hoped to purchase…

It might seem laughable, pathetic, and slightly diminutive, and may muster a couple “sheesh”es from some. But without a hint of shame, I confess my lust-worthy fantasy handbag brand: none other than Cream of the Huge-Amounts-of-Money-Generating, Luxurious-Cow-Skin-Carrier-Producing Crop, the grandfather of quality Italian leather goods, PRADA.

(Collective sighs of irritation.)

To understand my admiration for Prada, I have to take you all back. Back to when I was but a mere pre-adolescent teen, and the most branded item I’ve owned was probably that pair of Nude Suede Loafers from Hush Puppies, given by my mum in an attempt to be one of those hip mothers of her time. Or it could also be that green and navy plaid Ralph Lauren backpack that literally hurt me so much to carry (what with all my notebooks and textbooks), but which I kept using anyway as it was a definitive proof of my not being the typical student who knew not of designers.

Fast forward when to when I was in Sixth Grade, my older sister rented the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”. A teeny, romantic comedy starring a young and very alive Heath Ledger; a then-popular Andrew Keegan; and a conveniently-forgotten-to-wear-a-bra-today-no-everyday Julia Stiles, among other casts.

In the movie, Julia Stiles portrayed the role of an elder sister to clueless teen named Bianca (played by Larisa Oleynik). Bianca has a best friend who is equally as clueless as her, if not more. Both chicks delivered a dialogue, which you’d think I’d immediately dispose from my brain, but stuck to me like glue instead.

Bianca: There's a difference between like and love. I mean I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.
Chastity: But I love my Skechers.
Bianca: That's because you don't have a Prada backpack.

After much research on the word “Prada” in the local library, an obsession was born. Naturally, to rally a pair of Skechers from my parents was a piece of cake. But to even try asking them for a Prada backpack when I was in sixth grade was a scary thought. Hence, I gave up the love altogether and settled for the like.

13 years later, I am transformed from a 12 year-old fashion emergency to a yuppie who dreams of working in the Fashion industry, and everyone on the streets of Singapore owns a Prada handbag, even my sister and copycat flatmate. I could now well-afford one, but on judgment day, I was swayed by Yves Saint Laurent in a form of a supple leather number called Downtown.

So the obsession continues…

One fine day, dot-com luxury haven, Reebonz (Sign up now!), announced a contest entitled Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest where one can win for herself a handbag from a selection of six, and one of those handbags was a Prada Tessuto Impuntu chain-strap handbag in emerald. I simply had to take the chance.

Full of hope and Prada-lovin’, I went online-window-shopping and revived my long-forgotten Photoshop skills. Completing my entry just in the nick of time, I waited a month for the results, but not expecting too much.

My Fairy Godmother did not disappoint! A rep from Reebonz emailed me to inform me I had won my coveted carrier! In a few more days, I am due to receive my first introduction to my first Prada handbag! Free from Reebonz and all because of Reebonz!

As soon as I found out, I posted this status on Facebook: I’m so excited, I might pee my pants! Thank you, Reebonz.

People say I’m lucky. Well, maybe. But I like to think it’s fate.