Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring in My Steps!

My love for shoes has taken over me.

I have recently promised my boyfriend and myself that I will stop shopping for shoes due to the fact that my room is now overflowing with them. To date, I have numbers uncountable and am quite ashamed so. I know I shouldn't be, but it gets quite worrying when the cash in your wallet has been replaced by platforms in your shoe cabinet. I am afraid that I will one day literally be the old woman who lived in her shoe.

I’ve been quite good in keeping this promise and in trying to kick the habit until my sister decided to buy me a pair of Aldos just because. Being the pauper that I am, I would only spend up to $100 on a pair of shoes and not a dime more than that. I don’t have pairs of Manolos or Maglis lying around at home so you can imagine my hesitation on getting another pair dissolving instantly as soon as the sis offered.

I’ll be posting pics of that swanky pair of heels soon but first, to more pressing matters. After I shopped for that Aldo pair, I decided to walk around and window shop while my sister grabs a bite to eat. I soon came upon Forever21 and saw this:

And as you would have guessed, I bought it in a heartbeat (those are my feet wearing them).

The Floral Print Platform Pumps from Forever21 is divine. It is literally a Spring Garden on a pair of heels! Armed with enough charm to kick the Annual Rose Parade in the ass, this 5inch platform is just too irresistible for a rehabilitating addict – even if their smallest is a size bigger than my little 5s (if you look closer at the photo, there is space at the ankle area and front top part).

Regardless, it is comfortable and chic – the two C’s I look for in a pair of walkers. I’m sure you guys are itching to get yours too! Go on, I won’t tell if you won’t :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Just In: Prada Tessuto Impuntu

A brand referred to by most people as a "status symbol", Prada has stayed true to its form since the company started almost a century ago, in 1913. Well-recognized for their leather goods and most especially for the lush handbags under their belt, Prada has gone on to create more luxurious items using premium fabrics and opulent materials. One of those items being the Prada Tessuto Impuntu handbag in Emerald.

Rarely do you come across a handbag that goes with everything. Although most would probably beg to differ, I believe this to be true until recently -- and we have the Spring trends of 2011 to thank!

During the recent New York Fashion Week, lots of prints and bold colours were seen strutting in heels down the runway. Many of which showed great bravado through combinations we once thought unimaginable. To showcase my take on Spring 2011 and its splendid result to bold medleys, I am daring to create 3 outfits based on this season's trends paired with one gorgeous Prada Tessuto Impuntu. Brace yourselves!

My first is an outfit perfect for a sunny day out. Summer is around the corner, so work on the tan before anyone gets theirs. Always remember, set the trend and make everyone follow forth! And that's exactly what you'll accomplish with a great outfit and a knock-out handbag.

Classic Cami Dress, Paker. Red Patent Leather Sandals, Miumiu. Red Classic Wayfarer with Polkadots, Ray-Ban. Ancient Egyptian Bangles, House of of Harlow. Green with Envy Statement Ring, Forever21. You know where the bag is from :)

Casual Fridays at work and Cosmos Fridays at night? Not to worry, this outfit promises to wow both parties. The quirky shoes paired with the lush handbag will make your girlfriends and colleagues green with envy! That's alright though, their colour of jealousy will go nicely with your Prada :)

Mustard Tie-side Tee, Moto Floral Patch Vintage Wash Skinny Jeans and Frog Ditsy Necklace, Topshop. Yellow Print Pumps, Miumiu. Peacock Bracelet, Forever21. Flower Bangle, Saks Fifth Avenue. Tortoise Wide Frame Sunglasses, Alexander McQueen. And once again, our dear Prada handbag.

Popularized by one of my favourite fashionistas, Serena van der Woodsen, the Suno Peach Wide Pants is a great introduction to this season. It's yummy colour makes it too cute to be formal yet the lustrous fabric makes it too fabulous to be casual. Goes perfectly with a plain or printed top and is punctuated elegantly by the Prada Tessuto Impuntu! Don't forget to accessorize!

Peach Wide Pants, Suno. Bright Floral Scallop Tiered Tee, Topshop. Nude Patent Leather Pumps, Prada. Verdigris Green Bangle Set, Lulu's. Embellished Turquoise Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue. Faux Gemstone Ring, Forever21.

As promised, three outfits with one bag. Now, all one can hope is to own a wardrobe as wonderful as this, at least I do! Sigh... the Prada Tessuto Impuntu -- makes you wanna be a better person through fashion!

PS - Reebonz, I will keep hoping for this bag :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gossip Girl Turned Reality – and it bites!

“NYC Prep is a reality television program on the Bravo channel. NYC Prep chronicles the lives of six teenagers in Manhattan's private school scene. NYC Prep will follow six Manhattan teenagers in their daily lives as they attend events such as weekend parties, fashion shows, shopping sprees, charity events and dinner parties.” NYC Prep is a show with a cast of six silly and pathetic teenagers who dare to think that they are the real-life equivalent of Chuck, Nate, Blair and Serena.

I’m a bit upset Wikipedia did not include that last sentence!

I don’t know what’s gotten into Bravo channel and their ridiculous ideas for reality shows. You have one with aging housewives who has Botox fetishes and a knack for catfights, acting like they haven’t finished living out their cheerleader dreams since High School. Then there’s that other one where they have celebrity has-beens and wannabes act all Posh Spice and battle it out with needle and fabric to launch their own clothing line. And now, this!

Looking at the casts’ photo posted above, I have a feeling the blonde one is their Serena (and that’s the only similarity between the two), the brunette in the red satin blouse is the closest they can find to casting as Blair, the other brunette on the right side in yellow cardigan, they’re probably passing off as the loser Blair bullied in Constance, but don’t get me started on the wide-eyed girl with poop on her hair (third from left).

As for dissecting the guys, the brooding, emo, eye-liner loving, Adam Lambert look-alike in the middle should be their version of the dreamboat that is Chuck, while the blonde Beiber Admirer is probably Nate gone bad.

Obviously these kids were born with silver, perhaps even gold spoons in their traps and they might be swimming in coins like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales but unfortunately what they have in dollars, they lack in looks.

What say you kids leave it to the professional actors and actresses to live your lives on TV? That way, we don’t waste perfectly good rolls of video tape. Or I can also suggest you gather those big bags of moolah and splurge them on a good surgeon! Ask those crazy bastards to wave their magic knives and needles to make you look like the GG cast.

You know you love me. xoxo

Prada Raso Pietre Clutch: Disappointing!

Seen above on the left hand side of the photo is the new Prada Raso Pietre Clutch in Arancio (or in layman’s term, Coral. In pauper lingo, reddish orange.)

Now, I’ve been a big, if not, huge fan of Prada since I discovered my love for fashion the 90s. They’ve always delivered luxurious handbags to Fashion Week’s doorstep and never fails to show creativity in their designs be it in the selection of colour of fabric. Granted, they have had their share of faux pas in the past (red: Chandelier Dress and Shoes on Rita Wilson, 2010 Emmys), but I think they would know better than to charge $2,100 on this sad looking excuse for an evening bag.

As soon as I saw this clutch, I immediately remembered Sex and The City’s 3rd episode on season 6. The part when the four gals went to visit a friend who just went thru a break-up and apparently “discovered” that she’s “Fendi” – yes, I stress the open and end quotes. Refer to the photo on the right, the similarity is uncanny!
Well, maybe not that uncanny but it’s just as unfortunate. Come to think of it, it kinda looks like this too:

Hey, maybe I can also be a bag designer. I just need a glue gun, some fabric, acrylic beads and I’m all set!