Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spotted: Reed Krakoff

Just when you thought Coach is becoming more and more forgettable in the world of Luxury Handbags, they pull a fast one and kicks us in the ass with a new-born baby, Reed Krakoff.

The designer and brand namesake is Coach’s Creative Director, more fondly known as RK.

With 20 years of design experience under his belt, RK debuted a full-line collection that includes women’s ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and jewelry in Fall of 2010.

With the irresistible combination of supple leather, cutting-edge designs and a modern take on texture mixes -- the debut of this new player marks a new class in modern luxury fashion!

Pressed and stressed in my silly insistence on making a choice, my personal favorite would have to be the PUNK BOXER I, one of the brand's signature pieces.

Crafted out of approximately 190 pieces of a variety of luxurious materials, this handbag is a perfect mix of utility and femininity – ideal for today’s modern woman. Its smart combination of glovetan, canvas and python is both chic and edgy and it simply screams BUY ME NOW!

I am also a fan of the ART BOXER (shown below) because of its unusual blend of colours and textures that works amazingly well.

The AUCTION II amazes me – a big satchel and a detachable clutch in one, simply genius! (shown below)

And how can you not love the 510 TOTE II? The Ostrich Skin version looks so supple, I would trade the comforts of my bedroom for it (maybe even trade-in my boyfriend, but if it were an option, I'll save him for an Hermes or Valentino - I would never dream to sell him short! Don't tell him I said that.)! As I can't steal the photo online, I am linking you to the said handbag, just in case you wanna take a peek. Click on the handbag name mentioned above.

As you've probably guessed, I am making my online selection as we speak :) Have a look at and tell me which is your personal favourite!