Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prada Raso Pietre Clutch: Disappointing!

Seen above on the left hand side of the photo is the new Prada Raso Pietre Clutch in Arancio (or in layman’s term, Coral. In pauper lingo, reddish orange.)

Now, I’ve been a big, if not, huge fan of Prada since I discovered my love for fashion the 90s. They’ve always delivered luxurious handbags to Fashion Week’s doorstep and never fails to show creativity in their designs be it in the selection of colour of fabric. Granted, they have had their share of faux pas in the past (red: Chandelier Dress and Shoes on Rita Wilson, 2010 Emmys), but I think they would know better than to charge $2,100 on this sad looking excuse for an evening bag.

As soon as I saw this clutch, I immediately remembered Sex and The City’s 3rd episode on season 6. The part when the four gals went to visit a friend who just went thru a break-up and apparently “discovered” that she’s “Fendi” – yes, I stress the open and end quotes. Refer to the photo on the right, the similarity is uncanny!
Well, maybe not that uncanny but it’s just as unfortunate. Come to think of it, it kinda looks like this too:

Hey, maybe I can also be a bag designer. I just need a glue gun, some fabric, acrylic beads and I’m all set!

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