Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Just In: Prada Tessuto Impuntu

A brand referred to by most people as a "status symbol", Prada has stayed true to its form since the company started almost a century ago, in 1913. Well-recognized for their leather goods and most especially for the lush handbags under their belt, Prada has gone on to create more luxurious items using premium fabrics and opulent materials. One of those items being the Prada Tessuto Impuntu handbag in Emerald.

Rarely do you come across a handbag that goes with everything. Although most would probably beg to differ, I believe this to be true until recently -- and we have the Spring trends of 2011 to thank!

During the recent New York Fashion Week, lots of prints and bold colours were seen strutting in heels down the runway. Many of which showed great bravado through combinations we once thought unimaginable. To showcase my take on Spring 2011 and its splendid result to bold medleys, I am daring to create 3 outfits based on this season's trends paired with one gorgeous Prada Tessuto Impuntu. Brace yourselves!

My first is an outfit perfect for a sunny day out. Summer is around the corner, so work on the tan before anyone gets theirs. Always remember, set the trend and make everyone follow forth! And that's exactly what you'll accomplish with a great outfit and a knock-out handbag.

Classic Cami Dress, Paker. Red Patent Leather Sandals, Miumiu. Red Classic Wayfarer with Polkadots, Ray-Ban. Ancient Egyptian Bangles, House of of Harlow. Green with Envy Statement Ring, Forever21. You know where the bag is from :)

Casual Fridays at work and Cosmos Fridays at night? Not to worry, this outfit promises to wow both parties. The quirky shoes paired with the lush handbag will make your girlfriends and colleagues green with envy! That's alright though, their colour of jealousy will go nicely with your Prada :)

Mustard Tie-side Tee, Moto Floral Patch Vintage Wash Skinny Jeans and Frog Ditsy Necklace, Topshop. Yellow Print Pumps, Miumiu. Peacock Bracelet, Forever21. Flower Bangle, Saks Fifth Avenue. Tortoise Wide Frame Sunglasses, Alexander McQueen. And once again, our dear Prada handbag.

Popularized by one of my favourite fashionistas, Serena van der Woodsen, the Suno Peach Wide Pants is a great introduction to this season. It's yummy colour makes it too cute to be formal yet the lustrous fabric makes it too fabulous to be casual. Goes perfectly with a plain or printed top and is punctuated elegantly by the Prada Tessuto Impuntu! Don't forget to accessorize!

Peach Wide Pants, Suno. Bright Floral Scallop Tiered Tee, Topshop. Nude Patent Leather Pumps, Prada. Verdigris Green Bangle Set, Lulu's. Embellished Turquoise Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue. Faux Gemstone Ring, Forever21.

As promised, three outfits with one bag. Now, all one can hope is to own a wardrobe as wonderful as this, at least I do! Sigh... the Prada Tessuto Impuntu -- makes you wanna be a better person through fashion!

PS - Reebonz, I will keep hoping for this bag :)


  1. I really like your clothes :)
    With the use of lots of bold colours.
    I am also participating in the contest,good luck!

  2. Thanks, Nia! Best of luck to you too :)